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Can I get an insurance quote for TomTom repair Portsmouth?

Yes this is a chargeable service provided by the technicians.

This is taken off the cost of a TomTom repair for Portsmouth, should the quote be accepted.

How much are TomTom repairs Portsmouth?

The cost of a TomTom repair for Portsmouth is based upon by the TomTom model and the problem you're experiencing with it. No obligation quotes are sent by email upon your first enquiry with the team.

I want to upgrade the maps on my TomTom?

Please contact TomTom directly for services relating to map upgrades.

For anything not related to maps or firmware upgrades, TomTom repairs for Portsmouth can help.

Does a TomTom repair for Portsmouth include a warranty?

Yes every successful TomTom repair for Portsmouth comes with a warranty on any parts at a competitive cost.

TomTom Repairs Portsmouth

Founded in 1991, TomTom is a global leader in TomTom sat navs and navigation technology. A very popular sat nav, TomTom is used by motorists globally.

TomTom sat navs can stop functioning for a range of reasons including wear and tear or accidental damage - thankfully the team provide a solution.

Nationwide TomTom repairs Portsmouth in Hampshire from the industry professionals.

The technicians use professional repair methods and high quality TomTom repair parts to ensure a professional and reliable TomTom repair is carried out.

Reliable TomTom repairs for most models of TomTom including TomTom 710, TomTom 910, TomTom Rider, TomTom One GB TomTom One V1, V2 V3 and V4, TomTom EU, TomTom Go (all models), TomTom 510, TomTom Europe and the new TomTom Deluxe XL and One XL models.

Some of the popular TomTom repairs by Portsmouth clients include screen repair, battery replacement, USB port repair and speaker repair.

The large repair centre has UK coverage for TomTom repairs via a collection and delivery service where your sat nav can be picked up from your location in Hampshire.

Each repaired TomTom from the professionals includes a warranty on parts fitted for that added assurance that the sat nav repair has been done to a high standard.

Excellent customer service is crucial to the team and they always aim to answer any TomTom repair questions that you might have. Most TomTom issues can be economically repaired in most cases as well.

For TomTom repairs Portsmouth and Hampshire, just contact us today by completing the TomTom form with the following information:

• Contact details
• TomTom model
• Description of TomTom problem

The specialists will contact you back shortly by email with a free quote.

The TomTom Fixer is not associated with TomTom.

Portsmouth TomTom Repair Service

Reliable TomTom repairs for Portsmouth in Hampshire at the fully equipped repair centre. The staff utilise top quality tools and spare parts.

TomTom repair Portsmouth are typically completed promptly due to the efficient repair process involving inspection, repair and testing of your TomTom sat nav.

The professional technicians repair damaged TomTom sat navs for individuals and companies in Hampshire. Whatever issue you're having with your TomTom, The TomTom Fixer aims to help where possible.

To request a TomTom repair for Portsmouth or to receive a free quote, simply complete the website form and the will contact you back shortly by email during business hours.

Please be aware that the independent service centre does not repair built-in sat navs or sports orientated devices.

TomTom repair Portsmouth

Recent Enquires

touch screen not working


i am able to hold the usb into the tomtom firmly and it will switch on, let go and it turns off


carminat map update.


not charging or updating


tom tom 25 about 2 years old never been updatedproblemcan`t find a gps signal


difficulty turning on don`t think it`s the battery


1. possible dry solder joint behind the cradle mount terminal connection on the device,as device powers up if wired direct to device but not if on the mount. I have used a genuine new mount to test and has same fault with new cradle mount.2. battery needs replaced as its passed its best and holds almost no chargei work as an hgv driver so will need a speedy repair and return please if possible


suspect a usb fault as computer cannot see device, used known working cable.


no circuit between one pin on charging socket and pins on docking station


wont start up. just suddenly stopped working. garmin nuvi 390lm


screen is frozen the direction arrow does not move and it€™s not accepting post codes. there is no sound.i live in north wales


unit died after switching off the car ignition and would not liven up when ignition back on. change usb power supply, no change. brought into house and put on usb charger for 6 hours. nothing. left unit for 2 days, tried and it powered up by battery showing no charge. put back on usb charger for 24 hours. now fully charged but not sure how long it will last. please forward price for battery replacement for go6200. model 1pl6.002.00